Clínicas Parceiras

1rst Week of November

Two broken Hearts.
Now they do not love.
They only fulfill desires.

Where were his eyes when they should have been on me? Elsewhere.

He: Can you define love?
She: Yes, but not in words but…

Sun and shadow, Book and words.
Spinning magic tales.
Rendered me wordless!

I know it is hard, but you are better off without me…

She’d meant it when she’d threatened murder if he remained untidy, apparently.

I grew wings
So I can fly
Even closer to the sun

She went in tar to see the crusade between mind & no-mind.

Periodic enquiries lead to further adventures. No gelato was harmed this time.

In pursuit of chasing his dreams, reality kept slipping away from him.

One more road trip
then I hang up these keys
for awhile

He became a star. A beacon for victims. Nobody took his love.

The intense burning sensation created a desire to immediately change his lifestyle.

"Now I will Never Shout At You"
And I pulled the Trigger.

And they all lived happily ever after, or so they made out!

Their sighs spoke melodious tunes and unconditionally they exchanged their hearts forever.

Don't be afraid to follow your dreams son. We don't have forever.

Sweet and sour life, made easy by the soulful company of books!

Sparks tromp in the jungle of neurons.. intoxicated miseries restless, volatile - vomit.

"One day I will meet you,
So that I can forgive you."

I looked out at the horizon, where once there was a city.

An old letter, words written with blood, enveloped in a broken heart.

Four months since I've been home. I hope the rooms rearranged themselves.

When he started hitting her, he didn't know he started vaping cyanide.

Curly hair burdens me.
Scissors snip.
Hair falls.
Finally, I see me.

He reached out at the last minute and grabbed her before falling…

Love seeing my daughter, but hate when my ex closes the blinds.

"Haha! Alright." Said the guy after reading the bitter reply posted posthaste.

A man on the desert island screamed to the lightning.
“It’s overkill”

Tumbling over the cliff, she flew - until she hit the open portal.

Another ‘missing’ face I recognise. Has it really been a week already?

The swarm rent his flesh, he knew he failed.

The queen lives

The door was shut. Key thrown away. I needed a new plan.

In the cave I found the crate, finally. Then came a whistle.

Baking? At 2 am?"
"No, therapy at 2 am. There's a difference."

The boy, 12, answered the door, and disappeared like all the others.

Ana began to start a revolution to slay all of the dragons

I got no response when I asked her if she was dead.

When plants gained sentience, they evolved into carnivores.

They preferred human flesh.

A half-demon or reaper? Elice is torn between love and a promise

2nd Week of November

After all these long years... Tears wetted eyes, dried in waiting torment.

She just slapped me! That empowerment marketing has gone to her head.

Without words, her empty eyes exposed the loss heavy in her heart.

Ravi drew both swords over his head. Xavier knew it ended now

The old were useless and sent to war. The young stayed home.

He liked to burn his bridges, but their relationship was like asbestos.

twirling her curl
she sipped on whiskey,
while battling eyelashes with him…

Finger on the trigger, staring at the gaping black hole. Darkness follows.

my pen ran away to the moon today,
seeking relief from gravity.

Rain time to stop.Time for season change.
Not in mood yet.

Her expectations
Shattered by a gallant knight
With hope in his heart

Foolish pride.
I lied.
You cried.
We tried.
But love died.

He clutched the note as he stood over her grave. Peace. Finally.

"Tell me the truth..."
"Find out your own truth."
"Ask yourself."

"Searching for the real meaning of life", said the destitute in distress!

I was told the first would be most painful. Oh, how wrong!

Flames under feet pushed her to move forward in air - she floated.

They asked after
my journey
doorknobs moonshine strangers
Nobody asks anymore

"Excuse me," he said.

"How many bags of concrete fill a coffin?"

She missed discovering acorns and bottle caps in the freshly laundered clothes.

I found it, a piece of writing that made me sit up.

marshmallow clouds
interrupt the sky
midst the red rocks
you and I

I laughed loudly, next night I sobbed - my favourite kind of book.

It's rapid evolution terrified her. Was this the beginning of the end?

Forests burned for days. Flames swallowed dreams like pills. "May cause rage."

I love her and him
Deadly dilemma. I'll leave praying their happiness.

The fire burned deeply.
Thoughts of him consuming her...
Caressing her heart.

The necromancer flung his cellphone at the wall, his emrald eyes flaming.

Superman falls from the sky-- his body double would have done better.

When the celestial being wished for the accessories, it got the ring!

Some keys, engraved in stones were left to open - hushed, lost lives.

She says let's go for lunch
Not hungry
Don't wanna wear shoes

He completely covered the window with duct tape.

It muffled the noise.

First a squeak, then a creak, finally a crack and suddenly wheelless.

I spoke carefully to the alien. When translated, it meant something else.

Snuggled together, I assured her we’d never be apart.

Miaow, she replied.

Skeletons in my closet are wearing fur coats. I'm in Narnia again.

A rectangle shakes before alighting, sending shock about the cabin. Halloween, 1883.

When the AI turned 13, researchers discovered it posted it's first selfie.

The kind of cold night that made you sleepy; wrapped in blankets.

3rd & 4rth Week of November

"Wow, dressed to kill! How about undressing?"
"Oh really! How about killing?"

"Do you sell dreams?"
"Yeah! 50% Off in festive season."
"Branded or...?"

Set me up for failure, will you? Beating hearts betray us all.

A burnt xerox machine emitted sewer gas with each page it released.

Bombard me
with questions
I will bore you
with telepathic
silent syllabics.

Festivals and years pass by. Positive promises to follow made by all.

"Where's Mommy?"
"Mommy's gone to heaven, sweetie..."
"When will she be back?"

As the colour of glowing skin faded away,her attitude soothed calmly.

"Your honor, the witch cursed me. Now I can't find the matches."

He smelt her perfume instants before the gunmetal dirk pierced his back.

A wise man once said....he said...nothing whatsoever. He just listened

Life is fragile.
Have you bubble wrapped it with warmth and love?

You are your own god
Creating and destroying
Shaping your own world

She dragged her foot on the wet floor. One hand grabbed her.

I have dreamt of you every night. Wake up crying every time.

A butterfly preserved inside a book - thin, dry, brittle - imprinted over page.

Earth advertises
on Craig's List
Passionate People who
recall how to emote

"You never deserved my love!", she cried. Finally, her gun brought liberation.

They came closer since the day internet and power were both cut.

He hated getting flesh stuck between his teeth.

Humans are so stringy.

Too cool, not to mention living in the optimum of nest design.

"Sir I'm afraid your talking dog will never talk again." "That's rough."

Walking on that path never felt same without you in my arms…

Born from ashes. Raised with hope. He spread affection everywhere he goes.

Friends of the auld gathered for the occasion, smiled and shared wisdom.

You can take off my handcuffs.
I’m down from the bath salts.

Fire extinguished by water. Water set on fire. They purify each other.

"Feed my soul," you beg me... while you feed on her flesh.

A sick woman took pills of sickness - getting sicker - she enjoyed deception.

What I've learned
this time round:
Compassionate humans
anchor close to ground.

He got it. Was happy.
Lost it too as dream was shortlived.

She smiled, "I love you." After surgery, she yelled, "Who are you?"

Just remember, whatever doesn't kill you today, will try even harder tomorrow.

A giant yawns. A butcher slips. The nightmare roams, free to feed.

The brothers were coming, demon eyes betraying the hate behind twisted smiles.

The village dunce hit the thief with fiddle and turned a hero.

A red stormy sky - homeless and cold she fears the world's end…

Before ISIS came, life was confused.
Fighting that evil, made everything clear.

Her body spoke only his language. Sometimes love burns. She loves him.

Victoria loved him, and in the pale moonlight, she died for it.

She wouldn’t be coming home. But the dog waited just the same.

Though he remained silent, his indifferent, shallow eyes broke her tender heart.

Time stands still while I watch them breathe air into your lungs.

Birds got into a drain to pick up their one ripped life.

What's the biggest downside to being a serial killer?

No paid vacation.

The cat smiled, pulling the last yellow feather out of its mouth.

Hanoi. Her father had shot him but still he loved her immediately.

Grouse startle from the heather screaming, "Go-back!"
The humans press on.

Wandering down the street I see the crowds. Hood up, head down.

Vision fading, cold setting in, he remembered his oven was left on.

Love lingers long after footsteps take us to separate fortresses of conformity.

Sleeping all day prepared her for the night fighting nightmares took strength!

Picture perfect

And breathless

Languid limbs
Bearing echoes
Of secret ties

Sticky memories
Washed away
By flowing Time.
Time heals
What you can't.

Immortality means more time to suffer, but also to search for happiness.

As I fall, the cold! Air rushing,deafening, I wish I hadn’t …

Empty windows overlook a desolate yard...a little girl opens the door.

We wait together, for what I don't know, the air is failing.

After the wedding, I became a new me. I was alone, again.

a delicate conversation
in soft kisses
between my lips
and your bareback…

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